The 4Natur Dentures

The Natura dentures are designed to be the first step into private prosthetics giving a higher quality denture at a affordable price for your private client

This high quality dentures uses 4Natur denture teeth from Schottlander which is a            multi layered acrylic tooth, they use skillfull shading and have a subtle response to changing light conditions to achieve their remarkably life-like appearance. 

The Enigma Life+ DenturesType your paragraph here.

​​The Delphic V Denture

The Delphic V denture is designed for our NHS market who require a high quality denture with a more economical cost.

Delphic V teeth are available in the sixteen Vita shades A1-D4  and are renowned for their exceptional strength and durability.

This denture is designed to give a high quality denture at a more economical price for you NHS client.

Delphic V teeth are renowned for their natural shape and exceptional strength and durability.

They are available in sixteen shades A1 - D4, allowing the best aesthetic solutions for your NHS clients.

​The Engima Life+ dentures are designed and inspired by nature, using Engima Life+ teeth which are the tooth of choice when seeking to provide the the very best dentures for your patient.

They provide 16 beautiful shades and 2 new bleach shades offering aesthetics never before acheived.  paragraph here.


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